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We know problems like varicose veins can cause pains, aches or trouble feeling good. These issues are hard to handle alone. Left unsolved, they may get worse over time.

Led by board-certified physician Dr. D’Alessio and with state-of-the-art technology and staff, we offer a plethora of vein treatments to rejuvenate your skin’s natural allure. Bellava MedAesthetics is your go-to destination for all things vein care.

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Modern Vein Treatment Options

We offer an array of specialized vein treatments to suit your individual needs. From varicose veins to spider veins and beyond, our innovative solutions are crafted to tackle your specific vein challenges. Our treatment arsenal includes Sclerotherapy, Laser Vein Treatment, and Varithena, all executed with surgical precision and compassionate care.

Expertise Meets Individuality

Reserve your consultation today to explore how Bellava’s expertly tailored aesthetic treatments can magnify your individual beauty and confidence.

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Seasoned Professionals

Our board-certified physician, Dr. D’Alessio and staff are committed to delivering unparalleled care. Their collective wisdom and skill ensure a safe and fulfilling experience throughout your vein treatment journey.

Proven Efficacy

Choose Bellava MedAesthetics for treatments that not only work but excel in resolving your vein issues. Our techniques are backed by science to diminish vein visibility, relieve discomfort, and enhance your skin’s radiance.

Swift Recovery

We value your time. Our treatments are renowned for their minimal downtime, enabling you to swiftly return to your daily activities.

Tailored Treatment Plans

We celebrate your uniqueness by offering customized care and treatment strategies aligned with your specific needs and aesthetic goals.

Boosted Self-Esteem

Our treatments empower you to showcase your natural beauty with newfound confidence.

Improved Lifestyle

Vein issues can be more than just a cosmetic concern; they can affect your daily life. Our treatments aim to relieve any discomfort, enriching your overall quality of life.

Lasting Results

Invest in a future free from vein concerns. Our treatments provide enduring solutions, making vein issues a relic of the past.

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Comprehensive Vein Treatment Services at Bellava MedAesthetics Vein Center

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) at Bellava 

We offer RFA at Bellava to treat varicose veins, providing a minimally invasive solution for pain relief and aesthetic improvement. 

Ultrasound guides the doctor to insert a thin catheter via a tiny incision, requiring only local anesthesia. The catheter’s radiofrequency element contracts the vein, rerouting blood to healthier vessels.

Procedure Time & Recovery

Completed in under an hour as an outpatient procedure. Resume normal activities the same day and wear compression stockings for two weeks for optimal results.

RFA Advantages

  • Small incision, minimal discomfort
  • Quick recovery
  • Combinable with other vein treatments

Sclerotherapy at Bellava

Sclerotherapy involves a polidocanol injection into the affected vein, causing it to collapse and reroute blood to healthier veins. The vein fades as it’s absorbed into the tissue. Minimal discomfort is experienced, and side effects are rare.

Treatment & Recovery

Effective in 2-4 sessions, with minimal downtime. Compression stockings are recommended for a few days post-treatment.

Sclerotherapy Benefits

  • Safe, affordable, and nearly painless
  • Quick recovery
  • Effective in a few treatments

Varithena® at Bellava

We utilize Varithena® at Bellava to address superficial venous reflux disease symptoms. It complements thermal treatments and accesses hard-to-reach veins.


The doctor injects Varithena® microfoam into the faulty veins. It’s a minimally invasive, non-surgical method, requiring only local numbing—no additional anesthesia needed.


The microfoam expands, causing the problematic vein to collapse and redirecting blood flow. This gradually eliminates visible veins.

Varithena® Advantages:

  • Low-risk with just minimal discomfort
  • Noticeable outcomes after just one session
  • Non-surgical, completed in under an hour
  • Compatible with other vein treatments for optimal results

Your Path to Gorgeous Legs Starts Now!

Ready to say adieu to unsightly veins and welcome a life of clear, beautiful skin? At Bellava MedAesthetics Vein Center, we’re eager to accompany you on this transformative journey. Contact us today to arrange your consultation. We’re ready to collaborate with you on a treatment plan that’s uniquely yours.