Radiofrequency Ablation in Westchester County NY

Feeling weighed down by unsightly veins that leave you self-conscious or in pain? Bellava MedAesthetics offers radiofrequency ablation (RFA) — a minimally invasive treatment that can liberate you from those bulging blues.

No scars, no surgery – just comfortable relief, so your legs feel light and look lovely again. Discover the freedom of flawless skin without downtime or hassle. It’s time to stride confidently and show off what you got! Change is within reach – contact Bellava MedAesthetics today to see how RFA can revitalize your legs and renew your spirit.

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How Radiofrequency Ablation Works

RFA utilizes precise ultrasound imaging to guide a thin catheter into the affected vein through a tiny incision. Then, radiofrequency energy is delivered through the catheter to safely and gradually destroy the abnormal vein from within. This innovative procedure eliminates varicose veins while allowing your healthy veins to efficiently reroute blood flow.

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Advantages of RFA over Traditional Vein Treatments

Traditional varicose vein stripping is generally an invasive surgical procedure requiring significant recovery time. Not only is RFA much less invasive through a minimally approach, but it provides several key advantages:

Small incisions mean minimal bruising and discomfort compared to multiple incisions needed for vein stripping. The tiny punctures require only a local anesthetic for comfort during the procedure.

Fast recovery time means you can return to normal activities the very same day. With traditional stripping, it can take weeks to fully heal and resume exercise or other physical tasks.

Improved cosmetic outcome is ensured by wearing compression stockings for just one week post-RFA, rather than months with conventional stripping. This minimizes the risk of discoloration or residual swelling at the treatment sites.

Precise ultrasound guidance allows targeting of just the problematic veins, rerouting blood through healthier veins. Stripping removes all veins in an area indiscriminately.

Benefits You’ll Experience After RFA

The greatest benefits are the liveliness and confidence you’ll regain as unsightly veins fade away. Additional perks of RFA compared to other options include:

Relieved pain and aching – Abnormal veins no longer cause uncomfortable sensations as blood flows freely through healthy vessels.

Improved circulation and reduced risk of deeper vein thrombosis from vein incompetence.

Faster return to favorite activities. Minimal downtime means resuming an active lifestyle sooner.

Long-lasting results when performed by board-certified physicians. Recurrence rates are extremely low with RFA versus other techniques.

So if varicose veins have you feeling self-conscious, it’s time to regain your confidence through the features, advantages and proven benefits of radiofrequency ablation at Bellava MedAesthetics.

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