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Rejuvenate Your Appearance Through a Bellava Facelift

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Do you notice any gradual changes in your facial skin or signs of aging as you age? 

Our compassionate team at Bellava MedAesthetics can help revitalize your look through our innovative facelift techniques. Whether addressing mild sagging or more dramatic contours shifts, our procedures deliver naturally lifted results.

Bellava is led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kim and his highly qualified staff with years of experience performing facelifts to restore a fresher, youthful appearance. 

Using customized approaches tailored to your needs and structure, he expertly removes excess skin while tightening underlying tissues and muscles for balanced, long-lasting lift. A facelift from Bellava can be combined with other rejuvenating services for a complete facial refresh.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our facelift methods are designed for discreet incisions that fade beautifully over time. Dr. Kim precisely lifts facial structures from within for an organic, rejuvenated look rather than a pulled tightness. Scarring is minimized while maximizing lift and contouring benefits.

Natural, Cohesive Results

Bellava’s artful facelift aesthetic evaluates your entire face to ensure features retain symmetry as you renew your appearance. Fine details like marionette and nasolabial folds are softened seamlessly into refreshed contours for a cohesive, rejuvenated you.

Expertise Meets Individuality

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Renewed Confidence and Outlook

Feeling fully satisfied and comfortable in your appearance allows radiating inner health and assurance outwardly. Patients often rediscover vigor and joy seeing renewed liveliness in the mirror that matches their restored zest for living authentically.

Cutting-Edge Expertise

From minimally invasive laser/peel assists to fat transfer volumizing, Bellava adopts specialized methods refined at top medical centers. Every team member upholds stringent skill development and your comfort is their foremost concern. Safety and satisfaction are paramount.

Compassionate Comfort

From first consult through follow-up visits, Bellava’s Dr. Kim and team personally guides your unique journey. Individualized plans address physical, mental and social well-being holistically. You’ll feel heard, respected and cared for throughout.

Revitalized Self-Assurance

Refreshed confidence knowing you look vibrant outside as within can spark renewed outlook across life’s adventures. Appreciating natural beauty’s continuum empowers living fully at every phase. A Bellava facelift may inspire freshly discovering joys that aging need not hinder.

How It Works

A Bellava facelift is performed as an outpatient procedure using local anesthesia and sedation for maximum comfort. Dr. Kim will make strategic incisions within natural hairlines and skin creases. Underlying facial tissues and muscles are tightened through surgical maneuvers while selectively removing extra skin. 

Sometimes additional methods like laser resurfacing can be incorporated. Stitches are dissolvable and most patients enjoy quick recovery with minimal bruising. Individual results may vary but always express natural rejuvenation and balanced recontouring.

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