Breast Lift in Westchester County NY

Reclaim Your Natural Splendor

Looking to lift your spirits and other other areas? Bellava MedAesthetics will help restore your bust’s youthful allure. As Westchester’s premier medspa for plastic surgery, our goal is rejuvenating your figure’s finest attributes – we’re here to revive what time can take.

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Customized Breast Lifting Plans

Dr. Kim tailors lifting strategies to your exact anatomy. An individualized analysis assesses shape, tissue quality and lifestyle to optimize breast lift approaches. Options range from augmentation to reshaping procedures designed to suit your natural vision.

Perkier Panache Without Pads

With a breast lift procedure from Bellava, goodbye sag and hello self-assured shine. By elevating busts to their prettiest position, Dr. Kim revives your chest’s charm sans enhancements. No need to enhance what’s already enchanting – just correcting it back to its fountain-of-youth finest.

Minimal Recovery, Maximum Refresh

Using gentle, internal techniques, Dr. Kim aims to lift discreetly so results flow naturally. This tailored technique leaves no scarring – only smoother contours for you to appreciate. Healing happens smoothly too. Most find within two weeks they feel fully renewed, and are ready to return to regular activities. Your days will be yours to fully savor once more.

Expertise Meets Individuality

Reserve your consultation today to explore how Bellava’s expertly tailored aesthetic treatments can magnify your individual beauty and confidence.

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Uplifted Spirit to Take You Far

With graceful curves restored, you’ll feel great no matter the garb. Exude essence at the shore or in the boardroom with equal flair. Know a glow from within that forever more will be your most alluring asset. Let Bellava give wings to the vivacious you.

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Book your personalized meeting now! We aim to fully understand your wishes so we can design a customized plan to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. Learn how gentle lifting through our personalized approach can help revitalize your confidence and joy from within. Your renewal awaits – let’s get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift in Westchester County NY

What is involved in an initial breast lift consultation?

Dr. Kim will perform a thorough evaluation, take measurements, and examine your breasts and breast crease. He will also discuss your goals, medical history and lifestyle to design a surgical plan tailored specifically for you.

Can a breast lift improve excess skin after weight loss?

Yes, a breast lift is very effective for addressing extra skin and sagging caused by dramatic weight changes. Dr. Kim is highly skilled in tightening skin and reshaping the breasts to their youthful shape.

What surgical techniques are used?

Dr. Kim has extensive expertise in various breast lift techniques. He will select the best approach based on your individual anatomy and desired results.

Will I need breast implants too?

Often breast implants are not necessary after a breast lift alone. Dr. Kim precisely sculpts natural breast tissue to provide fuller and perkier results. Implants are only used if enhancement is a specific goal.

What is the recovery process like?

While every person heals at their own pace, most patients are back to regular activities in 1-2 weeks thanks to Dr. Kim’s dedication to minimal scarring techniques. He makes recovery as smooth and swift as possible.

How long will results last?

When maintained through a healthy lifestyle, breast lifts performed by Dr. Kim often provide natural-looking benefits for many years. However, the effects of aging, pregnancies, weight fluctuations or other factors can influence longevity over time.

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