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Looking to get a Brazilian butt lift in Westchester County, NY? Considering enhancing your curves with this popular procedure? You’ve come to the right place.

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What Exactly is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift, commonly known as a BBL, is a popular cosmetic procedure that enhances the size and shape of the buttocks. It does this through a technique called fat grafting or fat transfer.

During a BBL, excess fat is removed from areas like the abdomen, hips, or thighs using liposuction. This harvested fat is then carefully processed and purified before being reinserted into the buttocks at various depths and locations to achieve the desired projection and contour.

Unlike buttock implants, a Brazilian butt lift uses your own natural fat cells. This allows for a very natural feel and appearance in the enhanced areas. The transferred fat cells also tend to be long-lasting if cared for properly.

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How Does a BBL Work to Enhance Your Butt?

A BBL relies on a fat transfer technique to enhance the buttocks. Here is how it works:

  • Excess fat is removed from areas like the thighs, hips, abdomen using liposuction. This removes fat bulges that can distort contours.
  • The harvested fat is processed to purify it and concentrate the adipose tissue. This provides a viable fat graft for transfer.
  • Using precise injection techniques, the surgeon transfers the purified fat into specific areas of the buttocks, layering it at various depths.
  • The fat is placed strategically to enhance projection, create fullness, and highlight natural curves.
  • The transferred fat integrates with the existing tissue, creating permanent, natural-feeling augmentation.
  • Secondary benefits include improved contours in the donor areas where liposuction was performed.

The skill of the surgeon lies in meticulously planning and executing the fat grafting to achieve a proportional, aesthetic enhancement that complements your unique anatomy.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Some of the benefits of a Brazilian butt lift include:

  • Provides natural-looking volume and fullness in the buttocks using your own fat. This creates an enhancement indistinguishable from your original tissue.
  • Uses liposuction to remove unwanted fat from other body areas as donor fat. This improves body contours and harmonizes your overall figure.
  • Long-lasting and permanent results when the transferred fat is cared for properly. The grafted fat cells integrate into your buttocks tissue.
  • Improves self-confidence and body image satisfaction through enhancement of your rear curves. You get the butt lift you desire.
  • The procedure is customized by your surgeon based on your unique goals and anatomical characteristics. This leads to a natural, proportional enhancement.
  • There are few visible scars since the procedure utilizes your existing fat. Incisions are small and well-concealed.
  • Provides global body contouring by enhancing the buttocks and slimming other areas through liposuction.
  • The procedure is safe when performed by a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon.

How Does Bellava Spa Perform Safe Brazilian Butt Lifts in Westchester County NY?

At Bellava Spa in Westchester County NY, safety and satisfaction are our top priorities for patients undergoing a Brazilian butt lift.

Here is how we ensure your BBL is performed safely:

  • Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Kim has extensive experience performing BBLs. He utilizes the most up-to-date techniques to minimize risk.
  • We use general anesthesia administered by our certified anesthesiologist for your comfort and safety.
  • Our state-of-the-art facility exceeds national accreditation standards. We follow strict safety protocols before, during, and after surgery.
  • Our supportive staff assists the surgeon during the BBL procedure. They are specially trained and experienced with fat transfer techniques.
  • We provide detailed post-operative instructions and follow-up appointments to monitor your recovery process.

By choosing Bellava Spa for your Brazilian butt lift, you can feel confident you will receive the safest procedure and care.

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Who is a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The ideal Brazilian butt lift candidate is someone in overall good health, without any conditions that could impair healing or increase surgical risks.

They should be a non-smoker or willing to stop smoking for a few months before and after the procedure. Good candidates are individuals who are at a stable weight, not significantly overweight, and have good skin tone and elasticity.

People with realistic expectations who understand the limitations of a BBL tend to experience better results. An appropriate candidate will have excess fat in areas like the abdomen, hips or thighs that can serve as donor sites for fat transfer.

Patients wanting subtle, proportionate enhancement of their buttocks contours are often pleased with the outcomes. Those bothered by a flat, undefined backside or who have lost volume in the buttocks due to aging or weight loss can also benefit greatly from a BBL.

During your consultation, your surgeon will thoroughly assess your candidacy based on health, anatomy, aesthetic goals and other factors. This helps determine if you are an appropriate candidate or if alternative procedures may better help you meet your objectives.

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Like?

A Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia that takes approximately 2-4 hours.

Upon arriving at the surgery center, anesthesia is administered by a certified anesthesiologist to keep you comfortable and pain-free throughout the process. Dr. Kim begins by performing liposuction to harvest excess fat from predetermined donor sites like the abdomen, flanks or thighs.

The harvested fat tissue is then processed to purify it and concentrate the adipose cells, maximizing the amount of viable fat for grafting into the buttocks. 

Small incisions are made in precise locations on the buttocks based on measurements and surgical plans. Using special cannulas, Dr. Kim meticulously injects the purified fat deep into different tissue layers of the buttocks. The injections are strategically placed to enhance shape and volume in keeping with the patient’s goals and anatomy.

After grafting, any remaining fat is smoothened to prevent irregularities and ensure seamless results. The small incisions are closed with sutures or surgical tape and a compression garment is applied to facilitate optimal healing.

Thorough preparation is vital for ensuring you have the best possible BBL experience and outcome. Begin by having an in-depth consultation with your plastic surgeon to align on goals, candidacy, risks and realistic outcomes. 

Get medical clearance from your primary care doctor confirming you are healthy enough for the procedure. Be sure to stop any smoking well in advance to allow proper healing afterwards. Maintain a stable weight through diet and exercise in the months before your BBL. 

Having a balanced, nutrient-rich diet can optimize your healing ability. Avoid certain medications, supplements and alcohol for at least 2 weeks pre-op to minimize bleeding risks. Arrange for someone to assist you for at least the first few days after your BBL, as you won’t be able to drive or perform certain tasks alone initially. 

Stock up on recommended recovery supplies like medications, compression garments, pillows and comfort items ahead of time. Follow all specific pre-operative instructions provided by your surgeon such as fasting, showering with antibacterial soap, etc. Thorough preparation sets you up for the best results.

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What is Recovery Like After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

While the recovery experience can vary, you can generally expect mild to moderate levels of pain, swelling and bruising in the treated areas during the first week post-op. 

Medications can help manage any discomfort. You must avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for 2-3 weeks to allow the newly transferred fat to properly integrate. Using pillows and lying on your stomach can relieve pressure on the area during this time. 

Dr. Kim will instruct you to wear a compression garment over the treated areas after the procedure. This helps reduce swelling and supports healing. Avoid any strenuous activities for a few weeks as the bruising and swelling gradually subsides. Some temporary numbness in the skin may occur as you heal. The final results will only be fully visible around 3 months post-op once the swelling has resolved and the grafted fat cells have integrated. 

Most patients can return to work within 7-14 days, but should avoid prolonged sitting during the initial recovery period. Follow up appointments allow your care team to monitor your progress and address any concerns. Adhering closely to your surgeon’s recovery protocol is key.

What Results Can I Expect From a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A BBL can produce very natural and aesthetically pleasing enhancements. Expect a significant increase in buttock size, with precise fullness and projection customized to your body’s proportions and alignment with your aesthetic goals. 

The procedure often corrects flatness and sagging skin, providing a perky, lifted appearance. Overall balance and shape is enhanced through strategic fat grafting tailored to your unique anatomy. Using your body’s own fat creates a softer, fuller contour and natural jiggle in the buttocks. 

Liposuction visibly slims the waistline and areas like the abdomen, hips and thighs. Scarring is minimal since your natural tissues are used. The feel of the enhanced areas remains soft and natural. While dramatic improvements are possible, maintaining realistic expectations and following your surgeon’s recommendations are key to achieving your desired look.

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How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Westchester County?

The cost of a Brazilian butt lift depends on several factors. The extent and complexity of your particular BBL procedure will impact costs, as well as your surgeon’s level of skill and experience. Geographic location also contributes to pricing variations. 

If you opt to combine additional procedures at the same time, this will also raise the total cost. Each patient’s unique anatomy and goals play a role as well. 

During your consultation at Bellava Spa, we will provide an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs after thoroughly evaluating you. 

Trust Bellava MedAesthetics for Your Westchester County NY Brazilian Butt Lift

A BBL performed meticulously by an experienced surgeon can provide exceptional, natural-looking enhancements and improved body confidence. However, it is crucial to have realistic expectations, choose your surgeon carefully, and follow all pre and post-op protocols.

The experts at Bellava MedAesthetics are dedicated to providing Westchester County NY residents with the safest, most successful BBL procedures tailored to their unique goals. Contact us today to schedule an informative consultation and get started transforming your curves.