Natural Breast Augmentation in Westchester County NY

Discover Enduring Beauty With All-Natural Enhancements

There’s nothing quite like boosting your curves using gifts already inside you. As a Westchester leader for natural breast augmentation, Bellava MedAesthetics expertly extracts then re-injects your own fat tissues into breasts through our safe multi-layering technique.

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Personalized Tissue

Surgeons precisely liposculpt areas you request like tummies or thighs, forfeiting only what’s spare yet yielding ample fat for beautifully balanced, natural-shaped results.

Inherent “Realness”

By remodeling with living cells carrying your DNA, augmented breasts always feel authentic because they literally are you—gloriously smooth and pillowy soft, too!

Non-Silicon Solution

No foreign silicone shells or aqueous fluid required, preserving biological integrity while getting rid of unwanted fat deposits through a green, whole-body approach.

Gradual Volume Gain

The gradual, stacked injection methodology resembles how breasts typically develop—first forming an inconspicuous base then slowly becoming full over weeks as cells nestle in for the long haul.

Supreme Craftsmanship

Through diligent layering distributed among multiple tissues, our unrivaled injection mastery crafts symmetric, cohesive roundedness often passing as your natural evolution too subtle to place.

Expertise Meets Individuality

Reserve your consultation today to explore how Bellava’s expertly tailored aesthetic treatments can magnify your individual beauty and confidence.

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Decades Of Appreciation

While implants eventually stiffen, migrate or get replaced, augmented breasts sculpted from your living tissues appreciate even lovelier just like other parts blessed to be reshaped youthfully through reinvention from within.

From free measurements to multiple refinement sessions if desired, Bellava ensures your visits maximize joy and confidence. Interested? Please book a personalized tour or call today—we’re always ready to assist you with any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Natural Breast Augmentation in Westchester County NY

What is assessed during the initial consultation?

Dr. Kim will perform a breast exam, review your aesthetic goals and medical history to ensure fat grafting is suitable. He will also help determine how much increase in breast size can be achieved.

What are the advantages of fat transfer over silicone implants?

By using your own natural breast tissue, outcomes appear completely real and will age as you do without concerns like capsular contractions. Fat grafting also precludes future implant replacement surgeries.

Am I a good candidate for natural breast augmentation?

The best candidates for our technique have adequate fat stores from which to harvest while being close to ideal weight and of good health. Dr. Kim will examine you to verify.

Is fat transfer a long-term or permanent solution?

When performed expertly by experienced surgeons like Dr. Kim, fat grafting results endure for many decades as tissues naturally behave and continue evolving alongside your body. Touch-ups may refine outcomes over time but implants aren’t exchanged.

How does fat grafting compare recovery-wise to implant procedures?

While fat transfer requires a lengthier single session, restrictions after are fewer since no foreign objects were implanted. Bruising also tends to be minimal over Dr. Kim’s meticulous grafting job.

Do I need to wear a special bra after fat grafting?

A supportive compression garment aids in results but isn’t required long-term. Dr. Kim will advise personalized aftercare.

Are there risks or limitations to fat transfer augmentation?

As with any surgery, there are minor risks, but Dr. Kim always strives to deliver beautiful, natural-looking breasts with safe, reliable outcomes.

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