Mount Vernon, NY

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Known as the “City of Homes” for its beautiful residential neighborhoods, Mount Vernon is a diverse Westchester County city overflowing with pride. This close-knit community has much to offer its residents and visitors.


According to the latest census, Mount Vernon has a population of 68,381. The city has exceptional diversity, with large African American, Hispanic, and Caribbean populations. Mount Vernon takes pride in its multiculturalism.


Mount Vernon has a long history dating back to the 17th century. It developed rapidly in the 19th and 20th centuries as an affluent New York City suburb. Notable residents have included artists, intellectuals, entrepreneurs and other luminaries.

Historic homes and landmarks like Gramatan Hotel recall the city’s storied past. Mount Vernon continues to evolve while celebrating its heritage.

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Quality of Life

Between beautiful homes, scenic parks, and a lively downtown, Mount Vernon offers an enviable quality of life. The close-knit neighborhoods foster community spirit through events like block parties.

Top-notch city services, recreation centers, and the excellent school district make Mount Vernon an attractive place to settle down. It provides both suburban comforts and urban energy.


Mount Vernon is served by the Mount Vernon Hospital campus, part of the Montefiore Health System. The 241-bed medical center provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services, including specialty care.

Additional clinics and private practices are located throughout the city, ensuring access and choice. Public health initiatives further bolster community well-being.


Through neighborhood watch programs, community policing, and youth outreach, Mount Vernon has dramatically improved safety over the past two decades. Violent crime has declined to less than half of 1990s rates.

Residents play an active role in crime prevention by reporting suspicious activity and volunteering. The police force has built strong ties and trust within the community it serves.


Mount Vernon acts as a transportation hub for the county with two Metro-North commuter rail stations providing express service to New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. It is also served by five different Bee-Line Bus routes.

The Mount Vernon taxi service offers affordable transportation within city limits. Major highways pass through, allowing easy driving access to destinations across Westchester and the rest of the metro region.

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Shopping and Dining

The historic downtown has seen a renaissance in recent years, with new restaurants, cafes, boutiques and entertainment venues. Cuisine from Thai to Italian to soul food draws hungry crowds.

For larger retail, nearby spots like Cross County Shopping Center offer major chains. With White Plains just next door, shopping and dining options feel limitless.


The Mount Vernon City School District provides quality education including specialized academies and career programs. Enrollment tops 8,000 students. After school programs and partnerships further student development.

In addition, Mount Vernon is home to private schools such as Thornton Donovan School and religious academies. Continual investment in education demonstrates the community’s commitment to its youth.

Points of Interest

  • St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site – Nation’s oldest church in continuous service since 1695
  • Hartley Park – Lush 100-acre park with trails, sports fields, a zoo, and summer concerts
  • Brush Park – Tranquil city park featuring fountains, gardens, and scenic views
  • Willson’s Woods Park – Popular wooded park with playgrounds, hiking and biking trails
  • Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Eight-screen dinner movie theater with fun theme nights
  • Wisteria Gardens – Beautiful private estate renowned for its lavish wisteria vines that bloom each spring