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For many individuals in Westchester County, time has taken its toll on the delicate skin around the eyes. As we age, muscles weaken and fat deposits can form, causing drooping eyelids and bags below the eyes. But it doesn’t have to stay that way – an upper eyelid lift from the skilled surgeons at Bellava MedAesthetics can restore a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Bellava offers a minimally invasive upper eyelid lift procedure performed using state-of-the-art techniques. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kim has extensive training and experience performing blepharoplasty, with an emphasis on natural, balanced results. By selectively removing excess fat and skin and tightening muscles around the eyes, an eyelift addresses hooding, puffiness, and lines to reveal brighter, wider eyes.

Expertise Meets Individuality

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Rediscover Your Eyes’ Youth through Bellava’s Custom Lift

Through a tailored blepharoplasty procedure, our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Kim, can lift sagging eyelid skin, reducing visual signs of fatigue. By selectively removing excess fat deposits and tightening lax muscles, we restore a rested, wide-eyed appearance.

Some benefits our patients enjoy include:

  • Diminished puffiness and bags beneath the eyes for a brighter look
  • Upper eyelid skin that lays flat rather than folding, revealing more of the iris
  • Smoothed fine lines on lower lids that frame eyes expressively yet naturally
  • Sculpted contours that follow each patient’s unique anatomy
  • Minimal swelling and scarring from our investigators’ deft techniques
  • Quick recovery allowing you to flaunt your new eyes confidently

Short recovery time – It usually takes 7-10 days of bruising and healing to see the results.  These are minimal thanks to small incisions placed inconspicuously in natural skin folds.

Long-lasting benefits – When performed by an expert, the results of an eyelift can last for many years with proper skin care. You’ll love waking up to refreshed eyes for seasons to come.

Tailored approach – Every patient’s anatomy is unique, so we custom-design each procedure. Together we’ll determine your goals and how much lifting is needed for natural, youthful eyes.

Leading techniques – By combining an eyelift with other complementary procedures like Botox or fillers, our team achieves balanced, harmonious results. 

Bellava’s Unmatched Experience and Care

Expertise you can trust – Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Smith, is a master of facial rejuvenation, with hundreds of successful eye lift procedures under his belt. You’ll be in extremely capable hands.

Spa-like setting – Our luxurious facility in Westchester NY is designed to soothe nerves and promote healing. Enjoy steam rooms, soothing lights and music during your personalized experience.

Immediate Visible Upgrade – Within days of your eye lift, you’ll turn heads with the newly illuminated you. Swelling subsides quickly to reveal brighter, more curious eyes that make an instant style statement.

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Renew Your Gaze’s Vibrancy with Bellava’s Masterful Eye Lifts

Increased confidence from a rejuvenated gaze – You’ll feel comfortable going makeup-free, even for important occasions. A twinkle returns to tired eyes.

Slowing visible signs of aging – By lifting sagging eyelids, you’ll look years younger. 

A fresh outlook – Waking up to more alert, wide-open eyes makes each day feel brighter. 

Are you ready to discover the revitalized you? 

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