New Rochelle, NY

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Known for its historic charm, natural beauty, and diversity, New Rochelle offers residents the best of suburban living near New York City. This vibrant Westchester County city has much to boast.


According to the 2020 census, New Rochelle has a population of 79,946 residents. Over the past decade, the city has become increasingly diverse, with growing Hispanic, African American and Asian populations now accounting for a majority of residents.


New Rochelle has a rich history dating back to the 17th century when it was founded by French Huguenots. Many historic homes and buildings built in the late 1800s grace its streets. The city is named after La Rochelle, France.

New Rochelle played an important industrial role and later evolved into a major East Coast suburb. Historic landmarks like Fort Slocum evoke its storied past.

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Quality of Life

New Rochelle boasts an extremely high quality of life with beautiful neighborhoods, top-rated schools, and abundant recreation options. The vibrant downtown offers boutique shops, restaurants, arts and entertainment.

Community events like parades and farmers markets reinforce small town appeal. Excellent city services, low crime, and diversity make New Rochelle an attractive place to put down roots.


Residents have access to first-rate healthcare with Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital located downtown. The state-of-the-art medical center excels in areas like cancer, neurology, cardiology and women’s health.

Private practices, urgent care centers, nursing homes and more offer convenient care across the city. Public health outreach further promotes community wellness.


New Rochelle residents enjoy safe neighborhoods thanks to diligent policing and community watch programs. Violent crime is rare while property crime rates are lower than many NYC suburbs. The fire department also vigilantly protects the community.

Citizens play an active role in crime prevention by reporting suspicious activity and volunteering with youth programs. A sense of civic duty fosters public safety.


The Metro-North commuter rail provides fast 38 minute service to New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. Amtrak also runs through New Rochelle. Major highways like I-95 serve drivers.

Within the city limits, walking and biking options abound. A downtown transit center acts as a hub for 7 different Bee-Line bus routes. Taxis and ride shares further facilitate getting around.

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Shopping and Dining

The diverse restaurant scene downtown offers Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and more. Trendy cafes line the streets. The city boasts over 60 shops selling apparel, home goods, toys and specialty items.

Major chains like Macy’s also have a presence here. Just outside the city, the New Roc City entertainment complex houses stores, a movie theater, bowling alley, arcade and go karts.


The City School District of New Rochelle contains ten elementary schools and two middle schools feeding into New Rochelle High School. The diverse student body of over 10,000 excels in academics, arts and athletics.

Private school options include the renowned Iona Preparatory School all-boys Catholic school. College-readiness starts early in New Rochelle schools.

Points of Interest

  • New Roc City – Large entertainment, retail and dining complex with stores, movies, bowling, go karts
  • Glen Island Park – Picturesque waterfront park on Long Island Sound with beaches, picnic sites, and hiking trails
  • Thomas Paine Cottage – Historical home of Founding Father Thomas Paine, now a museum
  • Hudson Park – Stunning 270-acre park boasting a beach, sports fields, playgrounds and a nautical museum
  • Fort Slocum – Former military base now a park commemorating New Rochelle’s history
  • New Rochelle Walk of Fame – Series of sidewalk stars honoring notable figures from New Rochelle like Ray Rice and Dick Van Dyke