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Natural Breast Augmentation

This procedure is customized to the patient and may address various issues with the breasts (asymmetry, sagging, shape, infection, etc.).

Our Natural Breast Augmentation Services in Westchester

Natural Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer

If you desire a gorgeous, feminine, curvy bust without implants, Natural Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer may be for you. The revolutionary fat transfer procedure uses your own excess fat to create fuller breasts that look and feel 100% natural – because they are!

Natural breast augmentation involves taking fat from one part of the body where you don’t want it (such as the upper arms, abdomen, flanks or thighs) and injecting it in areas where you do creating shapely, natural looking curves.

This new fat transfer method provides superior results over older, traditional fat transfer methods that have often been viewed as unpredictable and disappointing. If increasing your bust by one or two cup sizes in the most naturally way possible is what you desire, then fat transfer augmentation may be for you.

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Why is Fat Transfer Augmentation Best?

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The new fat transfer method is groundbreaking in that its all-in-one system removes excess fluids and oils from the donor fat, creating higher quality fat grafts that deliver more long lasting volumes. In recent studies, fat transfer delivers a 70-80% fat survival rate for a long-lasting outcome. This procedure can increase your breast size by approximately 1-cup size per session.

If you are seeking a larger enhancement, then a traditional breast augmentation with an implant or another transfer of fat procedure may be necessary.

At Bellava, plastic surgeon Dr. Chang Soo Kim, MD is one of Westchester’s experts on using the fat transfer method. He has carried out thousands of breast augmentations using traditional breast implant surgery and more recently, fat transfer. Be assured that you will be in the very capable hands of a highly skilled surgeon who is experienced in helping women create the best, most beautiful versions of themselves.

Add On Sciton Laser Lipo to Redefine Your Total Body

Dr. Kim frequently combines fat transfer to the breasts with Sciton Laser Lipo, a process comparable to SlimLipo™. So if you are also seeking a firmer abdomen, contoured thighs, or more defined upper arms, you can get that as well–a two-for-one goal instantly and affordably achieved.

  • Voluptuous breasts (no implants)
  • Combine with laser lipo for the ultimate physique
  • FDA-approved advanced system
  • Local anesthesia
  • Minimum downtime
  • No scarring
  • Plastic surgeon Dr. Chang Soo Kim, MD

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