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As we age, wrinkles and fine lines can form above the upper lip, taking away from your youthful appearance. Lip fillers offer a popular way to smooth these signs of aging, enhance lip shape, and give you a more voluminous pout. But what are the best approaches for using lip filler above the lip line?

In this guide, we’ll explore how fillers can be used to treat lip wrinkles, techniques like the lip flip, benefits of precisely placed fillers, and what to do if you experience filler migration above the lip line. Read on to learn the ins and outs of lip fillers for a refreshed, wrinkle-free lip area.

The Lips: Anatomical Structures

lip filler above lip line

The lips play a key role in facial aesthetics and expression. Understanding the anatomical structures that form the lips can help when considering lip enhancements and anti-aging treatments.

The main structures that give form to the lips include:

Anatomical StructureDescription
Lip LineThe lip line refers to the border between the skin of the face and the vermilion of the lips. The upper and lower lip lines should align perpendicular to the interpupillary line for optimal facial symmetry.
Vermilion BorderThis is the distinct red portion of the lips. The vermilion consists of a thin strip of smooth muscle. The shape and proportions of the upper and lower vermilion borders are important for aesthetic lip shape.
Orbicularis OrisThis sphincter muscle surrounds the mouth. It allows the lips to pucker, relax, and frown. Weakness of this muscle can lead to a downturned mouth with age.
Elevator MusclesMuscles like the levator labii superioris help raise and flare the upper lip. They assist in expressions like smiling.
Minor Salivary GlandsThese glands are located within the vermilion border. They produce mucus to keep the lips moist and comfortable.
Lip LiningThe inner surface of the lips features a mucous membrane lining. This provides a moist environment inside the mouth.
MidlineAn imaginary vertical line divides the face symmetrically. The lips, nose, and chin should align along this midline for facial symmetry.

Aging causes the tissues around the lips to thin out which results in lines to form around the mouth. Dermal fillers help replace this lost volume giving the appearance of fuller lips and smoother skin around the mouth area.

Benefits of Lip Fillers to the Lip Line

Smoother, More Youthful Looking Lips

Lip fillers injected precisely to the lip line can fill and smooth these, reducing other signs of aging in the lip area. This rejuvenates your look for lips that appear fresh and vibrant.

Enhanced, Better Defined Lip Shape

When filler is strategically placed along the lip line, it can better define your natural lip shape for more aesthetically pleasing results. The lip border appears smoother and more symmetrical.

A More Natural Looking Lump-Free Pout

Precisely injected filler gives you a beautiful pout without lumps or irregularities in the lip line area. Your provider will use just enough filler to smooth wrinkles and subtly enhance your lip shape.

Longer Lasting Results

Unlike overfilled lips which can lead to filler migrating out of place, precision placement along the lip line means results will last. With hyaluronic acid fillers, you can expect your smoothed lip line to last 6 months to a year or longer.

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Potential Risks and Side Effects of Lip Fillers

lip filler above lip line

While lip fillers can volumize and enhance the lips, there are some potential risks and side effects to be aware of. According to a study, there is a 5% general complication rate of filler injections in experienced hands. Some of these are:


One risk is migration of the filler material. This occurs when the filler moves from the injection site to other areas of the face. Migration can lead to swelling or hardening in unintended areas. It is often caused by over-injecting filler or injecting it too superficially.


Lumps and bumps are a common side effect of lip fillers. This happens when the filler clusters together under the skin. While usually not harmful, lumps can look uneven and unsightly.


If proper sanitation is not followed during the injection process, bacterial infection is possible. A study suggests that infection rates with soft tissue fillers are estimated low at 0.04 to 0.2%. Signs of infection include redness, swelling, pain, and pus.

Allergic Reactions

Allergies to the filler ingredients are rare but can occur. This may result in swelling, rash, itching, and other symptoms.

Temporary Effects

It’s important to note the effects of lip fillers are not permanent. The filler will gradually break down and dissolve over time. Repeat injections are needed to maintain plumpness.

Though uncommon, being aware of the potential risks can help make an informed decision about lip augmentation. Discuss any concerns thoroughly with a qualified provider.

Signs of Lip Filler Migration

appearance. There are several telltale signs that filler has begun to move from the lips into surrounding areas:

The upper lip border appears less definedThe sharp line between the lip and skin above may look blurred or faded, indicating filler has spread upward.
Filler spreading into the white roll areaFiller can migrate into the ridges on the inner lip near the mouth opening, altering their natural shape.
Filler visible in the area above the lip lineLumps or bumps of filler may visibly protrude into the skin above the upper lip border.
Uneven, puffy, or lumpy appearanceThe lips may develop an irregular, bumpy texture or appear pillowy in areas where too much filler has accumulated.

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How to Treat Migrated Lip Filler

There are several effective approaches for treating migrated filler in the lips to smooth and restore their natural appearance. These include:

  1. Have the provider assess if dissolving the migrated filler with hyaluronidase is recommended. This enzyme quickly breaks down hyaluronic acid filler. It can help dissolve bumps and redistribute the filler.
  2. Avoid further filler injections until migrated filler dissipates. Adding more filler on top of migration can worsen the issue. Allow the lips to normalize before considering touch-ups.
  3. Filler naturally dissolves on its own within 9-15 months. But small amounts of migrated filler may remain visible for longer periods before fully absorbing. Patience is required.
  4. In rare cases of significant migration, surgical removal of filler may be required. An experienced plastic surgeon can excise excess filler pockets if hyaluronidase and waiting are ineffective.

Preventing Lip Filler Migration

To prevent lip fillers from moving around, you must:

Choose an injector experienced in lip techniques to avoid improper placement. An expert aesthetic provider skilled specifically in lips can strategically inject to prevent migration.

Use only lip-approved fillers, not those for other areas. Fillers designed for the lips are more cohesive and less likely to migrate. Avoid off-label use.

Gradually enhance lips over multiple sessions if needed vs overfilling. Building up volume slowly and precisely reduces the risk of migration and lumpiness from overzealous injections.

Ensure filler is injected precisely into the lip itself. Products placed too superficially or too close to the lip border spreads more readily into surrounding tissue. Proper depth prevents migration.

Get Smooth, Youthful Looking Lips with Precise Filler Placement

lip filler above lip line

When performed by a specialist, lip fillers can rejuvenate your lip area for a more defined shape, reduced wrinkles, and subtle plumping. Precision placement of filler along the lip line is key to achieving smooth, natural looking results that last.

If you’re considering lip fillers to reduce signs of aging around the lips, schedule a consultation at Bellava MedAesthetics. Our team of experts will help determine the optimal filler type and injection approach tailored to your individual needs and facial anatomy. 

Our skilled injectors and specialized techniques will get you a refreshed, youthful pout you’ll love.

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