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Sclerotherapy is often the preferred treatment for small varicose and spider veins. Learn how our team can help you regain your beautiful legs.

Sclerotherapy Vein Procedure at Bellava

At Bellava Medaesthetics & Plastic Surgery Center, our board-certified physician, Dr. Donna D’Alessio has successfully performed thousands of leg procedures. In your initial consultation, Dr. Donna D’Alessio will work closely with you to determine if Sclerotherapy alone or in combination with other vein treatments like radiofrequency ablation, varithena or VenaSeal is the best course of action to restore your legs to your desired state.

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Get Your Beautiful Legs Back with Sclerotherapy

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Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution called Asclera directly into the vein. The sclerotherapy solution causes the vein to scar, causing the blood to reroute through healthier veins. The collapsed vein is reabsorbed into local tissue and gradually fades.

Liquid sclerotherapy delivered by precise injection by our board certified physician, Dr. Donna D’Alessio, is the spider vein treatment method most commonly recommended by vein experts. By injecting tiny amounts of a medication named polidocanol into the targeted spider veins, these veins constrict and eventually disappear entirely. Most patients feel only minimal discomfort, and side effects of the medication itself are quite rare. After wearing compression stockings for a few days, many patients are back to normal with dramatic results.

Sclerotherapy Benefits

  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Painless
  • Effective in as little as 2-4 treatments
  • Little to no down time
  • Combinable with other vein procedures
  • Conducted in a comfortable, luxury medical setting

Sclerotherapy Treats the Following Conditions

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Spider Veins

Spider veins are small veins that are red, purple or blue and resemble spider webs.

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins are caused by venous insufficiency, which translates as failure of the veins to adequately circulate the blood. Hereditary factors, a job that involves a lot of standing, obesity, pregnancy, and/or a history of blood clots are all factors that can cause to spider veins.

Are spider veins different from varicose veins?

Spider veins may be a sign of an underlying problem known as venous insufficiency. When left untreated this could lead to the development of varicose veins or skin ulcers.

How are spider veins diagnosed?

Spider veins are typically located on the superficial surface of a patient’s skin and are therefore they are easy to diagnose by a trusted and experienced physician such as Dr. Donna D’Alessio.

What are the spider vein treatment options?

Sclerotherapy is used to treat the appearance of spider veins. Treatments for venous disease include radiofrequency ablations, sclerotherapy and VenaSeal.

Varicose veins Bellava MedAesthetics and Plastic Surgery Center in Bedford Hills, NY

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins. Any veins in the body may become varicose, but the veins most commonly affected are those in your legs and feet.

What causes varicose veins?

Age is a factor since your veins can lose elasticity. In addition, heredity, pregnancy, or obesity can cause varicose veins.

Are varicose veins dangerous?

Each case of varicose veins is different. In some cases, they are just a cosmetic nuisance, whereas in others they be signs of an underlying issue.

How are varicose veins diagnosed?

To diagnose varicose veins, Dr. Donna D’Alessio will perform a physical exam. You also may need a diagnostic ultrasound test to see if the valves in your veins are functioning normally or if there is evidence of any blood clots.

Can I do anything to prevent varicose veins?

You can’t prevent varicose veins from forming. You can prevent the ones you have from getting worse. Exercise, avoiding standing to long, not smoking all can help prevent varicose veins from getting worse.

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Chronic Vein Insufficiency

Chronic vein insufficiency occurs the valves in the veins are not working properly. In healthy situations, veins move blood towards the heart, and they have valves that keep the blood from leaking the opposite way. When the valves are leaking, venous insufficiency occurs.

What causes chronic venous insufficiency?

Genetics, pregnancy, and obesity are the most common causes. Leg trauma, and blood clots are can also cause chronic venous insufficiency. Other causes may include smoking, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, and phlebitis.

Is chronic vein insufficiency dangerous?

If chronic venous insufficiency is left untreated, pain, inflammation, swelling, and leg ulcers may occur.

What are the treatment options for chronic vein insufficiency?

Radiofrequency ablation and sclerotherapy.

Can I do anything to prevent chronic vein insufficiency?

Maintain a healthy body weight, exercise, avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time, and do not smoke.

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Leg Pain

Sometimes venous insufficiency can lead to leg swelling, pain and cramping (also known as restless leg syndrome). Without treatment, these issues can get worse and lead to chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), which may contribute to leg ulcers or other skin issues.

How common are leg pain symptoms?

Leg swelling, leg pain, and cramping (also restless leg syndrome) are very common symptoms for venous insufficiency.

How can the causes be diagnosed?

The causes can be diagnosed by coming into a medical office for a physical examination. Swelling can be visible, and a venous ultrasound can be conducted to confirm whether or not these symptoms are caused by varicose veins, and venous insufficiency.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment options are compression stockings, exercise, antibiotics, radiofrequency ablations, sclerotherapy, and phlebectomy.

Sclerotherapy Procedure FAQs

Who are the best candidates for sclerotherapy?

Before treatment, you will meet with Dr. D’Alessio to determine if you’re a good candidate for sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is often done for cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance of varicose, spider veins, and can also improve other symptoms in patients such as night cramps, swelling, burning, and aching legs.

What happens during sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure. You’ll enter one of our premier treatment rooms and lie down on your back with your legs slightly elevated. After sanitizing the area to be treated with alcohol, your doctor will use a fine needle to slowly insert the sclerotherapy solution to the vein. The liquid solution irritates the lining of the vein, causing it to swell shut and block the flow of blood.

Does sclerotherapy hurt?

Sclerotherapy is often painless, especially when administered by a board-certified vein expert like Dr. D’Alessio. It’s possible that you may feel minor stinging or cramps when the needle is inserted into the vein. If any solution leaks from the vein into surrounding tissue, some patients may experience brief pain, which is normal in these situations.

What are the expected results?

Treated veins tend to fade within a few weeks, although occasionally it may take six week to a month or more to see the full results. In some instances, several sclerotherapy treatments may be needed. Conservatively, there is about a 50-75% improvement each time. Most patients require 2-4 treatments or a combination with other types of treatment for full results.

Does insurance cover the treatment?

It depends. Insurance coverage for sclerotherapy varies based on the cause of your vein disease. If your varicose veins are causing medical problems such as swelling or pain, then your insurance may offer reimbursement. If you are pursuing sclerotherapy for cosmetic purposes only, your insurance carrier most likely will not cover the procedure. Our team can help you determine your payment options during your consultation.

What is the recovery like?

There is little to no downtime, and many of our patients return to their normal activity the same day. Patients should wear compression stocking for three days following the procedure. A follow-up visit within two weeks to enable the evacuation of blood clots in larger veins can improve the prognosis and the appearance.

When can I return to work?

Many return to work the same day.

Are there any side effects?

Some side effects that may occur at the site of the injection include:

  • Bruising
  • Raised red areas
  • Small skin sores
  • Darkened skin in the form of lines or spots
  • Multiple tiny red blood vessels
  • Discoloration, rope feeling

These side effects usually go away within a few days to several weeks. Some side effects can take months or even years to disappear completely.

Dr. Donna D'Alessio, board-certified plastic surgeon Bellava MedAesthetics and Plastic Surgery Center in Bedford Hills, NY

Meet Our Board-Certified Veins Specialist, Dr. Donna D'Alessio

Donna D’Alessio is the Owner, Operating Physician and Medical Director of Bellava MedAesthetics & Plastic Surgery Center, where she personally delivers the most advanced, nonsurgical cosmetic medical vein procedures to improve the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins.

Read More About Dr. D'Alessio's Superior Background in Pain Management and Aesthetic Medicine

She graduated from The College of New Jersey before completing her medical degree at St. George’s University School of Medicine in the West Indies. Dr. D’Alessio carried out an internship in internal medicine as at SUNY Downstate Medical Center at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. She then went to complete her residency training in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. In her final year of residency training she was appointed and served as Chief Resident.

Board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, she is a leading nonsurgical interventional pain management physician in New York and New Jersey. She helps patients find relief from all sorts of pain, including chronic vein insufficiency (CVI) and leg pain.

To help her patients reach their individual goals, Dr. D’Alessio also offers multiple cosmetic rejuvenation services such as injectables, body contouring and laser treatments to restore youthful beauty and vitality.

Dr. D’Alessio is now accepting new cosmetic vein patients in the Westchester and the surrounding areas. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

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