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Breast Surgeries for Spring 2018

Apr 18, 2018

Despite winter roaring out like a lion, spring has finally arrived in northern Westchester. That means bathing suit weather will soon be upon us. For those of you considering cosmetic breast surgery, now’s the perfect time.

According to the annual plastic surgery procedural statistics review (just released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons), breast augmentation procedures rank #1 in cosmetic surgery popularity. Last year, 300, 378 procedures were performed in the US, a three percent jump since 2016. At Bellava MedAesthetics & Plastic Surgery Center, Westchester board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. C.S. Kim is highly sought after when it comes to all kinds of cosmetic breast procedures, including breast enlargement (with implants or fat transfer), breast reduction, breast lift, and breast revision (secondary) breast surgery.

Breast Enlargement:

At Bellava we offer FDA-approved breast implant products from state-of-the-art Mentor® and are proud to offer their latest scientifically advancement that stands out from the competition: MemoryGel® Xtra silicone gel-filled breast implants. Using Mentor’s signature silicone gel, all “Xtra” implants are filled to make sure they look and feel like breast tissue. This special silicone gel allows MemoryGel Xtra implants help women achieve full and smooth breasts, with a natural feel. Bellava clients may also choose from Mentor’s saline implants, their other patented MemoryGel® implants, or their revolutionary “Gummy Bear” implants.

For those who prefer to go the non-implant route, Dr. Kim is an expert in fat transfer to the breast. This involves taking fat from one part of the body (like the upper arms, abdomen, flanks or thighs) and injecting it into the breast area for a natural effect.

Breast Reduction:

If heavy breasts are weighing you down (both physically and mentally), you may want to consider breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery can do wonders to boost one’s confidence and restore freedom to participate in certain activities. Dr. Kim brings artistry and surgical expertise to this procedure, to create a more balanced, ideal appearance for the entire body.

Breast Lift:

For those who may have sagging, droopy breasts caused by childbirth, aging or heredity, a breast lift is the answer. A breast lift typically includes removing excess skin and tightening the breast tissue for more “youthful” contour. Dr. Kim can also combine a breast lift with an implant to enhance volume.

Breast Revision (Secondary surgery):

If you’ve had a breast augmentation procedure that you’re unhappy with, you may want to consider breast revision (or secondary breast) surgery. At Bellava, our Westchester board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. C.S. Kim, specializes in this complex procedure, which is more intricate and requires greater artistic skills and surgical planning.

Need more incentive besides the weather warming up? Take advantage of one of Bellava’s Spring Specials on breast procedures, starting at $5900.

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