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Winter Time = Plastic Surgery Time!

Feb 14, 2018

So here we are dead smack in the middle of winter, a season that’s typically no one’s favorite. But here’s one silver lining to consider: mid-December through early March is an ideal time to go for it and undergo that cosmetic surgery procedure you’ve been putting on hold!

At Bellava Medaesthetics & Plastic Surgery Center in Northern Westchester, we are used to experiencing a significant uptick in cosmetic surgery procedures during winter months. Our board-certified Westchester plastic surgeon, Dr. C.S. Kim, who trained at Yale Medical School, is highly sought after during this time, to perform cosmetic procedures for both the face and body,

Winter is perfect when it comes to having cosmetic procedures because bulky, layered, clothing makes it easy to hide swelling or bruising that may accompany procedures such as facelifts or laser liposuction. For example, hats, turtlenecks, and scarves can help reduce the appearance of some of the temporary healing effects of a facelift or neck lift. Coverage from sweaters and pants provide coverage while the body heals from, say, breast enlargement, or a tummy-tuck.

Winter is also a great time for plastic surgery because many procedures, especially facial plastic surgery, require patients to stay out of direct sunlight during the healing and recover period. Of course, this is much easier to accomplish during the winter months than in the spring or summer!

Ideal surgeries to consider having during winter months:

  • Tummy tuck/Mini Tummy Tuck
  • Laser Liposuction
  • Facelift/mini facelift
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)
  • Blepharoplasty (eye lift)

For the month of February, Bellava Westchester Cosmetic Surgery is offering the following specials on cosmetic procedures:

  • $500 off Laser Lipo
  • $1000 off Tummy tuck

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