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Dr. Lyons’ “Weekend Lift”

May 29, 2014

Do you look in the mirror and feel like the person staring back at you looks older thanthe person you feel like on the inside? If so, the Mini Facelift, also known as Dr. Lyon’s Weekend Lift, can take years off your face, restoring a smoother, more youthful appearance. A
minimally invasive procedure, the Mini Facelift is prized for getting rid of wrinkles, lifting the jowls and redefining the chin and neck area. At Bellava, renowned Westchester, NY, plastic surgeon Dr. James R. Lyons, MD, who has performed over 3,000 facelifts, specializes in the Mini Facelift, which he performs using local (or general) anesthesia in our state-of-the-art, Joint-Commission-accredited surgical suite.

Here’s what one of Dr. Lyons’ recent Mini Facelift patients had to say: “When I decided I needed to look as young as I feel, Dr. Lyons made it a reality. Although I will never look 20 again, I certainly feel as good today as back then. I decided to have a weekend facelift and the decision was the best one I’ve made in a long time. It was easy, painless and the results AMAZING. I am so thankful to the professional, courteous staff and of course to the artist who gave me back my confidence “Dr. Lyons”. He is an amazing surgeon with a dedication to his profession, making people feel good about themselves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend you, your staff and facility to anyone.” – CR (11/7/13)

How Does a Mini Facelift Differ From a Full Facelift?
The Mini Facelift addresses the mid to lower portion of the face and involves using
smaller incisions than a full facelift. It is ideal for patients, often in their 40s, 50s or even 60s, who have signs of aging in the mid to lower face but not an extremely large amount of sagging skin in the jaw and/or neck area. In some cases the Mini Facelift is performed with SlimLipo laser liposuction of the neck for beautiful, overall results.

During the Mini Facelift procedure, which takes approximately 2 hours, Dr. Lyons makes a short incision behind each ear. He then removes the excess skin and fat, tightens muscle and redrapes the overlying skin to smooth out wrinkles, redefine the jawline and tighten the neck area. Bruising and swelling are extremely minimal and there is virtually no pain. The results are immediate and simply amazing: a younger, natural-looking –as opposed to “tight” –appearance is restored.

Recovery: Patients usually wear a bandage for 24 hours and sutures are removed after about seven days. Remarkably, Mini Facelift patients are usually back to most aspects of daily life within 2-3 days, hence the term Dr. Lyons’ Weekend Lift.

  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Minimally invasive
  • Local anesthesia
  • Minimal downtime
  • Natural rather than “pulled-looking”
  • Long-lasting results

Choosing the Right Doctor For A Mini Facelift
Unfortunately, the enormous popularity of procedures like the Lifestyle Lift have created a marketplace where doctors with wildly different degrees of experience claim to be highly experienced at performing Mini Facelifts and other cosmetic procedures. As a consumer, it’s important for you to be aware that many doctors who claim to be “experts” do not necessarily have a solid background in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery–or perhaps–have only recently graduated from medical school.

Dr. Lyons is a highly respected Westchester, NY, plastic surgeon who has carried out over 3,000 facelifts during his 25-plus year medical career. A Diplomat of The American Board of Plastic Surgery, author The Brown Fat Revolution and a former clinical instructor in the Plastic Surgery Residency Program at Yale University, he possesses a highly regarded reputation in relation to the Mini Facelift.

Says Dr. Lyons: “In the years since my residency at Georgetown University, no other aesthetic operation has been modified as much as the facelift. In 1982, the classic “skin only” pull was used and the results achieved the “look” of the yesteryear facelift: a tight, less wrinkled face. However, no curves or volume of youth was created. In fact, they were flattened. Through the years this technique has been abandoned and artistically modified. My approach is an artistic, beautifying, and age-defying method, the result of which brings a smile to my face when I remove the post-op dressing. Why is this one of my favorite operations? Because it really works! With the customized selection of techniques the new facelift, supplemented with nonsurgical techniques, will achieve 100% patient satisfaction. And at the end of my day, that is my goal!”

A complimentary private consultation with Dr. Lyons is the best way to determine if a Mini Facelift is right for you. During your consultation, he will carefully evaluate your overall goals and help develop a treatment plan to best meet your needs. To schedule your complimentary private consultation call: 914-600-5294.