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Holiday Training Tips to Keep You On Track by Dr. James Lyons, MD

May 29, 2014

1. Do something with your body at least 5 days each week: cardio, weight training, walking, dancing, Pilates, Yoga, JUST MOVE.

2. Do your workout in the morning. This revs up the metabolism and removes the possibility of your “body time” being taken by the day’s events, especially in this busy time of year.

3. Since time may be at a premium right now, do short, intense workouts, no longer than 30 minutes: Sprinting for cardio, multiple reps for weight training, treadmill on high incline, stairs on high resistance.

4. Enjoy the workout…use your IPod to dissociate from the stresses of the day and come back into the Holiday commotion refreshed and engaged in this wonderful time of the year.

5. Work out at home with Bungee Cords (resistance bands) if you cannot find the time for the gym.

6. Take the stairs whenever possible.

7. Walk whenever possible, and look for opportunities to take extra steps.

8. Drink lots of cold, ice water all day.

Onward to a healthy, lean, happy holiday season where you are not set up behind the “weight loss” eight ball on January 1, 2013!