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Eye and Cheek Lifts in Westchester

May 29, 2014

Eyes are often a person’s most beautiful feature, but can start to look different as aging progresses. Among the most common changes are drooping eyelids, which can obscure the natural shape of the eye. Others include bags under the eyes, eyelid wrinkles, and eyelid puffiness. Many people feel that their eyes begin to look permanently tired due to these changes, and that they could use some improvement. Bellava Med Spa in Westchester offers a variety of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, as well as minimally invasive procedures, to treat everyone’s needs as aging begins to change their bodies.

Dr. Lyons performs phenomenal cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery in Westchester’s Bellava Spa. Among the procedures offered are eyelifts (blepharoplasty), where he is able to re-shape the eyelids and eliminate the appearance of aging and tiredness. This is done safely under local anesthesia, and the estimated recovery period is less than one week. Dr. Lyons is skilled at placing incisions in the natural creases of the eye, or on the inside of the eyelid, where scars will not be visible. Botox is an option for preventing wrinkles and sagging of the skin, or to treat mild cases of it. Blepharoplasty is more efficient at targeting the more developed issues around the eyes, and has the added benefit of lasting for years.

Issues corrected by this cosmetic surgery at Bellava MedSpa in Westchester include the following:

  • Bags under the eyes
  • Drooping upper eyelids
  • Wrinkled lower eyelids
  • Puffiness of the eyelids
  • Narrowing of the eyes
  • More effective than Botox

While eyes are frequently considered a person’s best facial feature, there is no doubt that the cheeks play a vital role in the overall perception of the face. Aging, along with the constant pull of gravity, will bring the skin and fat of the cheeks downward, lessening the shaping effect of the cheekbones. The cheeks become less full, and oftentimes there is a visible hollow area. Dermal fillersare another option for treating hollowness in the cheeks and droopy skin, but are moreso suitable for prevention and mild cases. Bellava Med Spa’s cheek lift corrects more advanced issues, and can last up to ten years!

Dr. Lyons’ cheek lift cosmetic surgery will make you look younger and more alert, and provides the following benefits:

  • Accentuate the cheekbones, adding shape to the face
  • Reducing the hollowness of the cheeks
  • Help reduce bags under the eyes
  • Reduce deep creases above the mouth
  • More effective than dermal fillers

The combination of an eyelid lift and cheek lift can serve as an alternative to a full facelift, which can require 2-3 weeks recovery and is a more invasive process. Both the eyelid lift and the cheek lift cosmetic surgeries usually involve less than one week of recovery time, thus are great for busy parents and professionals. In some cases, it only takes a bit of well-designed work by the wonderful Medical Spa staff in Westchester to make a huge difference in your appearance.

Westchester plastic surgeon Dr. Lyons offers private, complimentary consultations for all cosmetic procedures at Westchester’s Medical Spa, and will be able to fully explain the eyelid lift and cheek lift procedures in relation to your specific needs. To schedule a free consultation, call 914-864-2140 today!