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Adivive Fat Transfer for Brazilian Butt Lift

May 29, 2014

We’re all familiar with plastic surgery implants, which often put silicone or saline gels into areas like the buttocks and breasts to achieve a healthier appearance. These procedures are effective, but may not always turn out as expected. Dr. Lyons at the Bellava Medical Spa in Westchester offers a more natural alternative to artificial implantation cosmetic surgery: Adivive Fat Transfer! This is a minimally invasive procedure that is sure to improve the firmness and fullness of the buttocks. This procedure tends to have a higher long-term success rate than other methods used.

Adivive is a fat transfer system that is approved by the FDA. Fat is taken from other areas of the body, such as the tummy or thighs, processed, and injected into the buttocks. While similar cosmetic surgeries may have a lower rate of fat retention to the injected area, the Adivive system “purifies” the fat grafts by removing excess materials like oils. This means that the buttocks will continue to look healthier and firmer for a longer period of time. The benefits of the Adivive cosmetic procedure at Bellava MedSpa Westchester include:

  • Lasting results: often a 70-80% fat retention rate
  • No scarring occurs
  • More efficient fat grafts than other procedures
  • Local anesthesia is used
  • FDA approved cosmetic procedure
  • Firmer buttocks are achieved
  • Buttocks become lifted and fuller

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. James Lyons may recommend coupling the Adivive Fat Transfer procedure with a SlimLipo Laser procedure. This is FDA approved and only requires a few days of recovery time after it is completed. This cosmetic procedure is utilized to eliminate unwanted fat via a laser technique that achieves long lasting results.

One major perk to combining both the Adivive Fat Transfer and the SlimLipo fat reduction cosmetic surgeries at Westchester is that it reduces overall recovery time, as opposed to having to come back and undergo a SlimLipo procedure afterwards. You will see even more drastic improvements in the shape of your body and the fat density in various areas when you undergo both procedures simultaneously. The SlimLipo procedure can be done on the thighs to achieve a more localized improvement in conjunction with the buttocks enhancement, or on another area of the body for a more complete transformation. Benefits of SlimLipo at Bellava MedSpa Westchester include:

  • Ability to sculpt the body into the desired shape
  • Safer than regular liposuction
  • Minimally invasive
  • Removes fat in the desired areas permanently
  • Tightens loose or sagging skin
  • Can be used on the breasts for amazing results, eliminating the need for breast reduction plastic surgery, and allowing for less recovery time and scarring
  • Can be used for many areas, including the breasts, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, neck, back, and more.

Westchester plastic surgeon Dr. Lyons offers private, complimentary consultations for all cosmetic procedures at Westchester’s Bellava Medical Spa, and will be able to fully explain the Adivive for Buttocks procedure in relation to your specific needs. To schedule a free consultation, call 914-864-2140 today!