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May 29, 2014

This morning, I was up early in Nantucket. There was nowhere to be, no OR to rush off to, so I decided to chill and drink my Starbucks in front of the TV. Tired of political pundits, I flipped though the channels, seeing what was on besides Morning Joe. I’d written an exercise/diet book and have been seriously dedicated to physical training for 25 years, yet I was shocked by the number of infomercials focused on weight loss. The claims and images were ridiculous and misleading. Many of us know this, however, for me, it reemphasized the fact that weight loss is a multibillion dollar business, with most subscribers looking for a quick fix. The schemes were laughable: How about an abdominal band made of spandex/rubber? Takers are instructed to cover their skin with a cream and apply the compression band for five minutes. Within weeks, they claim, wearers will lose all of their abdominal fat.

How about a little truth? A flat tummy is made in the kitchen, not with rubber bands—whether it’s Chuck Norris or Christie Brinkley’s crunch machine or hundreds of crunches done to Salsa music. Not even if you buy one now and get a second CD collection for free. It’s diet, diet, diet, and by diet, I mean eating well, not deprivation. Diet is the most important thing you can do if you are serious about getting a healthier, younger looking abdomen. In turn, I can’t overstress the sense of personal accomplishment that is achieved when you take charge of what goes in your mouth, and see the benefits in your waistline. Now is an excellent time of year to make a proactive change in your eating habits. Summer is over and the holidays are in the distance. Temptations are at a yearlong low. No excuses.

Focus on simple rules FIRST:

1. No preservatives. For example, cold cuts, nutrition bars or prepared frozen foods

2. Small portions spread out during the day to avoid hunger and temptation

3. Decrease sugar intake across the board

4. No “white” carbs: rice, pasta, breads

5. Eats lots of vegetables, especially root vegetables

6. Drink lots of water

7. No protein drinks/supplements

8. Minimize dairy, such as yogurt

9. Educate yourself on gluten, a universal ingredient that “bloats” and your minimize intake