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Westchester NY Fat Transfer to the Breasts

Bedford Hills NY Natural Breast Augmentation

Bellava Spa in Westchester Breast EnhancementIf you desire a gorgeous, curvy bust without implants, Natural Breast Augmentation using Adivive™ Fat Transfer may be for you. The revolutionary Adivive™ Fat Transfer from Palomar Medical uses your own excess fat to create fuller breasts that look and feel 100% natural–because they are!

Natural Breast Augmentation involves taking fat from one part of the body (such as the upper arms, abdomen, flanks or thighs) and injecting it in areas where more fat is desired to create shapely, natural looking curves. Traditional fat transfer methods have been viewed as unpredictable and often lead to disappointing results.

Why Adivive Fat Transfer System Is Best
The new Adivive Fat Transfer method is groundbreaking in that its all-in-one system removes excess fluids and oils from the donor fat, creating higher quality fat grafts that deliver more long lasting volumes. In studies, Adivive delivers a 70-80% fat survival rate for a long-lasting outcome. This procedure can increase your breast size by approximately 1-cup size per session. If you are seeking a larger enhancement, than a traditional breast augmentation with an implant or another transfer of fat procedure may be necessary.

At Bellava, plastic surgeon James Lyons, MD, a widely published expert known as “The Fat Doctor” is considered one of Westchester’s leading experts on the Adivive Fat Transfer system. He has carried out 1000s of breast augmentations using traditional breast implant surgery and more recently, fat transfer.

Dr. Lyons frequently combines Fat Transfer to the Breasts with SlimLipo. So if you are also seeking a firmer abdomen, contoured thighs, or more defined upper arms, you can get that as well–a two-for-one goal instantly and affordably achieved.

  • Voluptuous breasts (no implants)
  • Combine with SlimLipo for the ultimate physique (Go here for more on SlimLipo)
  • FDA-approved advanced Adivive™ system
  • Local anesthesia
  • Minimum downtime
  • No scarring
  • Plastic surgeon Dr. James R. Lyons – 30 years in cosmetic medicine
  • Over 1000 procedures performed

Read more about Natural Breast Augmentation at the Bellava Blog.

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